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Complete solution to enhance your products visibility, generate leads, and drive sales. 

It's free ! You only pay for the outcomes we achieve

We are connected through specialized groups with over one million specifiers worldwide

Our comprehensive online promotion, specification, and prospecting service offers a complete solution to enhance your products visibility, generate leads, and drive sales. We understand the importance of delivering tangible results, which is why we have designed our service to be performance-based, meaning you only pay for the outcomes we achieve.

With our expertise in digital marketing and lead generation, we utilize targeted strategies to reach your desired audience of engineers, architects, and designers. Through strategic promotional campaigns, we effectively showcase your products, highlight their unique specifications, and captivate potential clients.

Our service goes beyond traditional marketing approaches by leveraging the power of visual media. We create captivating visuals and engaging multimedia content to convey the value of your offerings and enhance brand recognition. Our goal is to leave a lasting impression on your target audience, driving them to take action and ultimately leading to increased sales and business growth.

We are connected through specialized groups with over one million specifiers worldwide. In addition to our extensive client database, which we can reach via email on a weekly basis, our service is offered in over 24 languages.

Partner with us to benefit from our results-driven approach, cost-effective campaigns, and measurable outcomes. Experience the advantage of paying only for the actual results we deliver, ensuring maximum return on your investment. Let us take your promotion, specification, and prospecting efforts to new heights in the digital landscape.

Our process consists of three steps: target, presentation, and results.


In the first step, "target," you need to determine the territory where you want to sell your products.


In the second step, "presentation," we organize visually appealing posts to promote your products and find leads.


In the final step, "results," we provide you with the leads we find, and you pay for them. Additionally, we receive a commission on the sales generated.

Here are the details of our remuneration:

These terms ensure a fair and transparent compensation structure, aligning the interests of all parties involved.
$10 USD per qualified lead.

We charge a fee of $10 USD for each qualified lead. Our pricing structure ensures that you only pay for leads that have been determined to be qualified and have a higher potential for conversion.

10% on sales generated.

A commission of 10% will be paid to us 10 days after the full payment from the client for any order obtained through the Prospecmedia service.

$50 USD Deposit(Block of 5 leads)

To finalize our agreement and establish a solid partnership, we kindly request the supplier to provide a deposit equivalent to the value of 5 leads as a guarantee. The first 5 leads will be deducted from this amount.

*Other combinations of compensation can be proposed upon request.

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